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Rosemary Wiehl

Stevens Village, Alaska

    My parents are Henry Wiehl Sr and Elizabeth Newman of Rampart. My maternal grandparents are Turok Newman and Hilda Alashook. My paternal grandparents are John Wiehl and Florence Mayo. I was born in Tanana.

    I learned to sew from my grandmother and began sewing when I was about 14 years of age. I have seven children now, so I have had a lot of practice sewing, making them fur hats, fur mitts, slippers, booties, and all of the things they need. I continue to sew because I enjoy the sewing very much. It is very relaxing and rewarding. Here in the village we have the time: the time for sewing, the time for hunting, the time for berry picking. If you live in town you do not have time for these things.

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