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Paul William Jr.

Beaver, Alaska

    My parents are Paul and Lois William Sr. of Beaver. My maternal grandparents are Gaberial and Alice Peter of Arctic Village. My paternal grandparents are John and Mary Sam of Beaver.

    I teach the Gwich段n Athabascan language to our young people at the local Beaver School. I talk directly to my students in Gwich段n, telling traditional stories and native customs. I enjoy teaching my Gwich段n language to the younger students; I believe it is important to teach our native language to our children.

    I have been sewing traditional Gwich段n Athabascan floral beadwork for 20 years now, my mother and grandmother taught me when I was a young boy. I like making different colors of flowers and leaves on my projects, such as: key chains, bracelets, and hair pieces. It is also very important to pass down our traditional knowledge and skills to the young people.

    I am a Christian. I thank God for everything. He has blessed us very much. I am grateful for that in Jesus name.

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