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Casey Petersen

Fort Yukon, Alaska

    I am Casey Louie Petersen, Gwichin Athabascan, from Fort Yukon, which is located at the confluence of the Yukon and Porcupine River.

    My mother is Zelma Louie Fairchild, a former Chief of Police of Fort Yukon. My Father is Nels Robert Petersen, the Post Master of Fort Yukon. My maternal grandparents from my mother side are Clifton Louie Fairchild and Margaret Cadzow Fairchild. On my father side are Harold Petersen and Esther George Petersen.

    Almost all residents are involved in subsistence. Salmon, Freshwater Fish, Moose and Bears are the major source of meat. Some trapping and making of handicrafts contribute to family incomes. The wilderness way of life is what I love about living in my small town of Fort Yukon.

    I became interested in sewing early in High School bilingual class, taught myself just by watching and doing, with the help from my mother. I enjoy sewing, when I’m done, I know that I could accomplished anything that I set my mind to it.

    I know that I’ll be teaching my daughter Carmen Louie, the trade of sewing and beading, when she becomes of age.

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